Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sorry for not updating sooner! Neil was moved to his regular room yesterday... he got up and walked with little problems. He had a few visitors last night and some tonight.
His Creatinine was 3.7 yesterday and 2.8 this morning.. it's so hard to grasp all this good news! His BP was 139/77 about an hour ago!!!!! I'm soooo happy and soooo thankful for Candy giving us this new life for Neil! Candy has been sleeping a lot and still feeling sick to her stomach. She is slowly getting better. It stinks to see her not recovering as quick as Neil since she's the one to sacrifice so much. But I know it's harder on them and she'll come around and be back to her 'ol self again soon!
Keep the prayers for recovery comin!!!!!!


  1. God bless Candy! I know it's hard to see her suffer.

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