Sunday, January 24, 2010

The final countdown....

This is it.. tomorrow is the day Neil will be admitted to the hospital for his surgery! Please continue prayers for him and his doctors & nurses, Candy and her family, all the people who have offered to help, the boys and me. I've not had much time to think about it because I've been soooo busy getting all my tasks done! I still have some schoolwork for my college classes that I have to complete and email to my professors tonight... laundry is still churning and I my list is slowly dwindling down...

I hear there's a big football game on right now but I just don't have time to sit and watch it so I can gauge what's going on based on Neil's outbursts!

For those of you who were aware, my mom is out of the hospital and recovering from her surgery slowly. She is not able to come and help out so I have several friends who are here and helping me this week.

At this point, I can't write a long-winded post because I hear the dryer going off and I have to get my school work completed by midnight.

NBC4 interviewed us 2 weeks ago and we are told they're airing it tomorrow (Monday) at 5p and/or 6pm. I believe you can watch their live stream on their website of their newscasts. Their website is We were all so nervous for the interview and I feel like I totally babbled but if you know me personally, you know that's nothing new! :)

Depending on if I can take my laptop to the hospital and get WiFi depends on if I update here this week. If not, I'll be updating on my Facebook page. If you want to see my updates on FB, search for me and send me a request to be added. I had originally sent up a caringbridge site but decided I liked my blog better than using CB. If I am able to get online at the hospital, I will be updating here and on FB.

Thank you immensely for all the help and prayers. They've helped me through my anxiety moments and through the times when I felt like I was going to 'freak out'. My mantra this past week has seriously been, "I will not freak, I will not freak, I will not freak"... and I repeat it until I feel better... it's helped!

Hugs to all ~ Jennifer


  1. I'll be thinking about you guys. Believe me, before to long you'll both be amazed how quickly this week will have gone by. Neil, just remember, the most important thing you can do is get out of bed and walk. Do this as often as you can. You will feel better much faster. It really hurts the first few times but it does get better.

  2. Of course you ALL are in my prayers. I'll be watching for updates. So glad we were able to get together Thursday. He had a great turnout! Stay strong and tell Neil that we'll see him as he recovers. Let us know if we can do anything for you.