Tuesday, September 8, 2009


It's been a while because it was the start of school and that is always a very busy time!
Also, nothing has really happened... However, today a lot changed!

I emailed Cincy to find out what's going on and they wrote me back telling me they hadn't heard anything... but that they would check with the lab again!

A little while later, they wrote me back and told me the results were in and they left messages for the potential donors to call them to discuss the results.. they wouldn't tell us the results.

I called OSU and they told me IF they had the results, they would tell us.. but Cincy had faxed the results to them and they hadn't received them yet.. so I called the one donor and left her a message, telling her to call them ASAP for the results! She called me later and said she couldn't get a hold of anyone by the time she got home from work... but that she would call first thing in the morning..

In the meantime, I get home from work and Neil tells me that the other potential donor called him to tell him SHE IS A MATCH so far... but there is still more testing to do and I'm not even sure of what the testing consists of.. but she "passed" the tissue-typing so it's looking really good so far!

Hopefully the other donor will find out tomorrow and we she will either keep on going or if not, we have someone else interested in getting tested!!!!

I hate how long this process is.. but it's part of it... hopefully it all comes together for us in the next couple of weeks so we can get it scheduled, get it out of the way and move on.. HA! sounds good and simple enough but.... we shall see! :)