Saturday, October 3, 2009

No news is still no news...

My math professor said in class today that some of the smartest people he knows are people who journal... people who write things down.. people who keep notes... reminded me that I should update.

Nothing new is going on. SIGH...

Neil sees his nephrologist this week for his regular checkup. He had his blood drawn this morning.. please pray his Creatinine hasn't gone up enough to start dialysis. He still feels really good so I would be surprised if that was the outcome of the appointment this week... but I never know what to expect at these appts.

Next week is the 'big' appointment with OSU.. the one that we waited and waited on this spring when we found out OSU and UHC were no longer in network with each other. Anyway.. now that we're back with OSU, I honestly haven't been 100% satisfied. Our coordinator is hard to get in touch with and the 1 potential donor isn't sure the next step as she's not had luck getting in touch with said coordinator. I'm really looking forward to next week's appointment though because we will meet with the surgeon AND get a NURSE coordinator assigned... the coordinator we've had so far isn't a nurse.

A good friend of mine, who is also a kidney transplant patient, sent me this link today on a new study on PKD... very interesting. Thanks Sue!

Please keep my other blogging friends in your prayers. Bruce has had quite a few complications while waiting for a transplant. He just recently found out he 'might' have a live donor as 2 people came forward to get tested! YAY! And his brother, Sean, has his transplant scheduled for Dec 29th.

Thanks for reading, commenting and praying. Your loving thoughts ARE appreciated!


  1. You rock! Thanks for linking our sites. I am so not tech saavy and have been impressed that I could even do a blog-lol!

    I hope things get better with contacting your coordinator. Just so you know...we had some initial issues with the "donor" coordinator too. They have like 4 "transplant" coordinators that fill into ONE "donor" coordinator. Friends-potential donors including myself- said that no one called back to discuss potential donation. Once past this, things got moving. I hope that helps you a little.

    School is fine. I love my class! Clearly, I love where I work!!!

    Let me know if you need anything. I might be able to help with lessons, haha :-) Glad to see you updated too.

  2. Jennifer,
    What is your coodinator's contact information and I'll try to post it on my site too.