Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Big Day!

SIGH... tomorrow is the big day.. the ever so anxiously awaited appointment with OSU... errr maybe it's supposed to be 'eagerly awaited'... (YES I know the difference...)

Regardless of the feeling, it's seemed like eternity that this appointment would come. And it hasn't come without complications and scares...

First of all, I took last Thursday off to go to Neil's regular nephrologist appointment.. only to have child #3 with a high fever the 2 days prior.. and not being able to find someone to care for a sick child, I knew I would be staying home with him. To my dismay, I woke up last Thursday with the stomach flu!!!!! So I ended up staying home in bed with the sick child while Neil went to his appointment alone. I hated doing it but I told him he needed to ask a lot of questions and get details! He is so ornery that when he called me after his appointment, he informed me he was being referred to dialysis in 2 weeks. I was devastated and ready to burst into tears but didn't want to do it on the phone with him so I held back... only to have him say he was just kidding and that his appointment went really well! While I'm glad and relieved his appointment went really well, I was slightly peeved he played that joke on me.. NOT the thing to joke about.. let alone the fact I was already down and out feeling sick. The good and shocking news is that his Creatinine went down 2 tenths.. which seems rather odd to me but I'm not going to question or complain about that since that # is the key to his ticket to dialysis.. oh and he gained more weight which is either attributed to eating more, water gain or his kidneys increasing in size. The doctor wasn't alarmed that he's gained weight. (I'd joke about the weight thing more, saying I wish my doctor felt the same way about me, but Neil would quickly remind me that at least my kidneys are healthy.. so I tend to not joke around with him about that stuff... but ...)

So anyway.. all seemed well over the weekend and then Monday night we get home from school and child #1 complains of not feeling well! All I could think of was a repeat of last week and THAT'S not happening.. I am NOT missing this appointment nor are we rescheduling it so child #1 stayed home from school the past 2 days... and if that's not bad enough.. I WOKE UP SICK on Tuesday! Seemed the stomach flu decided to reappear! Not sure what's going on there but it came back and I stayed home Tuesday.. then today I woke up and had the worst headache ever along with all over body-aches and just extreme tiredness. I decided to stay home again today and rest up so that I'm better tomorrow. I am already feeling much better and have been eating normally tonight.

I have everything ready to go in the morning.. kids lunches are half packed.. I have breakfast to pack for them because I have to drop them off early.. thanks a million to my coworker who will watch them in the morning before school so that we can get to the appointment on time!!!! Love ya K!!!! I'm just finishing a school assignment and decided that writing would help relieve some of my anxiety over tomorrow.

Our donor, who has progressed to the next step, is still doing well and she's ready for this to happen! I think she just has to pass the glucose test she took this week and then I think the last step is a chest xray.. I think and pray we are close cause I'm tired of waiting.. I know other people wait longer and have a lot harder time with donors and being on the list but for me.. I'm tired of waiting and ready.. we are close and I'm excited but at the same time, I know that in an instant we can find out she's no longer a match and have to move on to the next person and go thru all this again.. I guess I will deal with that bridge when/if it comes..

Thanks again everyone for all the positive thoughts and prayers... keep 'em coming and I'll try to update tomorrow night.. but if I don't, don't be alarmed.. I might be too tired to get online.. but I will update eventually! <3


  1. You're all prayed up. Sending good thoughts.

  2. What a yucky week and a TERRIBLE joke! I'll pray that they are all well including you for the appointment. It sounds like things are moving for you too. Keep updating when you get dates. Prayers and well wishes coming your way.