Saturday, August 22, 2009

moving right along..

Called the financial coordinator Friday morning to talk to him about OSU and UHC getting together again.... He confirmed he had our file on his desk to work on. In fact, he said he had several files to work on because of this 'reunion'... I explained to him that we have a nice donor list going and that the clock is ticking. He said they would be in touch with us in the next week or so..

At approx 2:20pm yesterday, the coordinator was already calling us to tell us she is sending donor info packets that will need to be completed as well as a medical release to sign and send in so they can secure all the records from Cincy!

Please pray this process continues to move quickly... :)


  1. Thoughts and prayers. School definatetly adds a new dimension to it. Like I said, my memory goes out the window with the added responsibility. I will have to get a secure way to give you my number if ever you need to talk.

  2. Mary.. if you click thru to my profile, I added a contact me button.. it's one of my email addy's!