Friday, August 14, 2009

fun ~ fun ~ fun

So after a crazy week of 'kidney stuff'.. I decided that we would use our complimentary tickets to Zoombezi Bay that one of my friends so graciously offered to give us! She works for the zoo, so she offered to give us her employee tickets! We went on Thursday and had a complete and total blast! I've only been there one other time... last year, the day that I received the letter in the mail from the Dr informing us that his transplant would be in 12-24 months... So I experienced some really sad memories as we were pulling up to the place... lots of memories of being there alone with the boys last year, wanting to cry and have a meltdown.

This trip, though, was MUCH MUCH better! It didn't take long to put those memories to sleep and to start having fun! We didn't go right as they opened so it was hard finding a place to sit but we did find a place and started in on the fun! We ended up moving into the wave pool area and letting Mitchell and Marshall go off on their own to do things. They promised to stay together and watch out for each other. Neil and I hung out with Macklin and played in the wave pool and took a nice long ride on the lazy river! Just as we didn't think we'd ever see M&M, they appeared and were hungry! I had packed PBJ's and brownies and drinks so we sat down and had a nice lunch! Afterwards, they took off again and we didn't see them for about 3 hours! I had to go searching for them and of course they were so mad that it was time to go!

I'm so thankful for the free tickets... It was nice to spend an entire day of FUN and not have 1 single call, text or email pertaining to Neil's kidney transplant!!!! :)


  1. So glad you had such a (well-deserved) fun day!!

  2. Sometimes you need a break! Glad it was a great day for all.