Sunday, November 29, 2009


This is my phone... and it ringing is what I'll be waiting on this week! Last week when our donor went to her appointment for the final stages of testing, OSU called me at school to tell me they needed Neil down there that day to also give blood. Apparently they wanted to run another serum test between his blood and the donor's blood. I told her I would call him at home and wake him up and get him down there by closing time. I was disappointed, though, and expressed that it was 3 weeks before we got the results from Cincy when they ran the same test this summer. She said she has no clue why it took 3 weeks and that they will know something in about 3-4 days... HOWEVER, since it was Thanksgiving week, it will probably be this week that we hear the results. She told me that all the results should be back this week and we should know FOR SURE if the donor is a go for the surgery!!!! I even made her repeat it just to make sure I heard her correctly!

Of course, I was sooooo relieved to hear this news but then all I could think about was getting through last week and getting to this week! I had been looking forward to having 5 days off and spending Thanksgiving with my family but my focus suddenly changed to this week... not like it's a suprise since I've pretty much lived "date-to-date" this year. When Neil went to give blood, they told him we should know on or before Tuesday if she will be a match. I'm trying so hard not to think about it but it's hard not to wait for Tuesday to get here...

Anyway... Thanksgiving was awesome... it was actually our first ever Thanksgiving that just the 5 of us spent together. In years prior, we went to one or both of our parents or they came here. This year, though, was just us..... and I really liked it that way for a change! We also celebrated our oldest child's birthday! He turned the big 1-0!!! Kinda funny how we say 3-0 or 4-0 but we never say the big 1-0! He was pretty excited and we had a great time taking him out to Dave-n-Buster's with one of his close friends.

I'm done with school for the quarter and waiting on my grades! I already know I got an A in my Middle School Methods class... just waiting on my Middle School Geometry grade.. pretty sure it's an A too since I aced the final!!!!!! Classes start back up in January and excited that one of the two classes is completely online! If Neil has surgery in January, having a class online will be a HUGE plus!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is ready to go back to work tomorrow! Hopefully the next time I'm updating this is to let you know we have a date for the transplant.....


  1. A family only Thanksgiving sounds like what you needed. We did it pretty small this year too and ordered Cracker Barrel. It'll be the only year we do that!

    I'll pray they hurry with good results. Have a great week.

  2. Hope you can update with a date soon too!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  3. Have you heard yet? I thought I saw that you updated on FB.

  4. I hope you have some good news to share soon. how's your husband feeling?